PloozerNet is Dead :'(

Plozy is a fraud! - Spoofer Developers SOURCE BELOW!

Customers - If you need help disputing your payments contact #Brad3750 - Spoofer is against PayPal ToS anyway so if you escalate to PP staff they will ban him as I can provide any proof needed.

Special thanks to Cunty#6962 for all the Mega Links he contributed to this leak! I haven't checked those files for viruses however so proceed with caution.

Cleaners, hwid spoofer and mac changer.(Run before using the spoofer.)!7r5G0ajS!B6bBvyI3am9MjEWSA4k50A
(Old Spoofer Source Code.)!GuhgzCjQ!_oHmvM5TpgHrgybmxCIEbw%5C
(2nd newest Spoofer Source Code.)